Wrexham’s Singing in the streets – 30th September 2018

We supported the event with our market stall, it was a really enjoyable day we met some really amazing people throughout the day.

Fron Male voice Choir singing in the streets wrexham
Fron Male Voice Choir – Wrexham Singing in the streets 2018

The day consisted of choirs singing through the streets in different locations around Wrexham with a street market supporting the event. We were positioned in Queen’s Square where the main choirs we singing, and what a treat this was.

We saw some really amazing choirs and we were lucky enough to be able to listen to the massed choirs in the afternoon with over 1000 people singing.

We had lovely sunshine all day which really brought out the crowds of people, as a business we were really well supported both on our stall and social media.

We were so busy personalising decorations on the day we didn’t really get much chance to get a lot of video coverage but we did manage to catch sister act tribute by the nightingales who are supporting Nightingale House Hospice and the Fron Male Voice Choir who are a world-famous act.

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